Briarwood Safari

Animals from around the world.…


The Park is OPEN 12 PM - 3 PM Daily (Weather Permitting). Please call 865-919-5072 if you need more information.

Here is a review from TripAdvisor:

African safari in the backwoods of Morristown Tennessee! Zebras, water buffalo, elk, deer, ostriches, llama, ram, and more! For 3 dollars you get a bucket of pellet food (5 lbs, I think he said) to feed the animals within the safari area (price of admission is 15 dollars, but you can drive through as many times as you want for no extra cost). Most of the animals will eat straight from your hand, but all come right up to your car to say hello. Be warned the llamas are sneaky, one will come up on the passengers side and while you are distracted another will pop in the drivers side to eat the food. I squealed like a kid the whole time, my husband and I had so much fun here. Thank you Briarwood, we will be back!

BRIARWOOD Auto Safari features animals from around the world. On your scenic, four-mile safari through beautiful hills and pasture lands, you will experience animals from six continents. Take plenty of time to study their behavior from the safety of your own car. Be sure to bring your camera. You may want to ride on tractor pulled wagons or enjoy a lazy afternoon in our petting zoo.